Email Your MPP

Want to make sure your elected representative at Queen’s Park takes a stand with you for accountable and affordable public services and assets?

Enter your postal code to locate your local Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and ask him/her to keep public services public. 

I’m concerned about the Ontario government’s plan to privatize assets and services we all depend on, like highways, hospitals and hydro. To ensure public services remain affordable and accountable to local communities, I’m asking you and Premier Kathleen Wynne to: 

 - Defend high-quality, affordable public services in our community

- Publicly display online a list of assets and services the Ontario government has privatized 

- Institute a transparent review process for all proposals to privatize public services 

Our community needs a leader with the wisdom and courage to stand up for long-term, affordable public services we can all depend on. As our voice at Queen’s Park, will you help our community keep public services public?