Australian We Own It helps stop hospital P3

Victory down under! We Own It's counterpart in Australia helped lead a community north of Sydney as it fought back against a P3 scheme to expand their hospital. They just won!.  

Roundup: The un-bear-able idea of paying for health care

Here's the latest news in the fight to keep our public services public...

Roundup: Private airports mean higher costs and some unexpected voices come out against privatization

Here's the latest news in the fight to keep our public services public...

Liberals disregard Ontarians, selling off huge public stake in Hydro One

Ignoring the 83 per cent of Ontarians who oppose the measure, the Ontario Liberal government is forging ahead with the final phase of its plan to sell off a major stake in Hydro One. The sell off will reduce the publicly-owned stake of Hydro One to 40 per cent.

Hydro rates will soar after short-term relief, PCs say

Ontarians who think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to high hydro rates might be surprised to find out how much it costs to keep that bulb running. Though the Liberal’s 25-per-cent hydro rate cut has provided some reprieve to hefty bills this summer, newly leaked cabinet documents suggest we’ll be paying for it down the road. 

Privatization and Canada’s new Infrastructure Bank come under fire

It may have a new location, but even before the doors are open, the proposed Canadian Infrastructure Bank (CIB) is on shaky ground.

Privatized adult education drives costs up, enrollment down in Newfoundland

The decision to privatize adult basic education in Newfoundland and Labrador back in 2014 was “not based on sound financial evidence,” says Gerry Byrne, the province’s minister of advanced education, skills and labour – and now, his department is seriously considering bringing it back in house.

Majority of Canadians oppose airport privatization, poll shows

More than half of Canadians oppose the sell-off of airports to private companies, fearing that privatization would result in more expensive, less pleasant travel, a new poll shows.

Amherstburg horse farmer leads Toronto march to keep Hydro One public

What started as a Facebook post highlighting the problem with soaring hydro rates in Ontario soon gained widespread attention across the province and landed Libby Keenan a meeting with Premier Kathleen Wynne. Three months later, the horse farmer from Amherstburg is heading back to Toronto to continue the fight with a march to keep Hydro One public. 

Privatization “deteriorating” quality of snow removal in Ontario, Auditor General

Snow may be slowly disappearing across Ontario, but the cost of clearing it from the province’s roads and highways lingers on — and the public could be left holding the bill, thanks to the growing trend of privatizing road maintenance.