Amherstburg horse farmer leads Toronto march to keep Hydro One public

What started as a Facebook post highlighting the problem with soaring hydro rates in Ontario soon gained widespread attention across the province and landed Libby Keenan a meeting with Premier Kathleen Wynne. Three months later, the horse farmer from Amherstburg is heading back to Toronto to continue the fight with a march to keep Hydro One public. 

The march is scheduled for April 8. Keenan intends to start the march at Hydro One headquarters and eventually end with a rally at Queen’s Park.

Since her initial Facebook post went viral, Keenan has been an outspoken advocate for keeping the province’s hydro public, gaining support from the public.

“Basically, everyone wants to block the privatization of Hydro One,” said Keenan. In private hands, Hydro One will be “a total profit-making organization and we are going to fall by the wayside,” she believes. She fears consumers will have little say if the government’s plan to privatize the utility continues.

Keenan also helped organize a previous #KeepOurPower march which drew a crowd of up to 1,000 people. Keenan stated that Windsor West MPP Lisa Gretzky has offered her executive assistant in Queen’s Park to help with the paperwork in getting it off the ground.

“I just want reasonable bills,” said Keenan. “I think our chances are better for that if (Hydro One) remains public.”

For further information on the march, you can follow Keenan on her Facebook page or e-mail her at

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