Tell your MPP - Make Plowing Public Again

The evidence is clear: public plowing is safer and less expensive

With the financial collapse of Carillion, the private UK multinational that plowed many of Ontario's highwayswe've got a great opportunity to bring plowing back in house, where it belongs.

But we have to tell our politiciansthis page lets you do that easily.

Just enter your postal code and we'll send the email below on your behalf to your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP).

We'll make sure your MPP knows that you want to make plowing public again! 

Make plowing public again

I’m concerned about the quality of snowplowing in Ontario. As I'm sure you know, the Auditor General has determined that plowing performed by private contractors is slow and substandard, leading to dangerous driving conditions and death. 

What's more, privatized snow-clearing costs us more in the long run.

In the wake of the financial collapse of Carillion, the UK multinational that had contracts to plow many of our highways, we have a golden opportunity to fix this vital public service.

I'm demanding that:

  • Carillion's contracts not be re-tendered to another private company or corporation;
  • Carillion's contracts be brought back in house with the Department of Transportation, to be performed by well trained and professional public service workers;
  • All other private snow-clearing contracts be re-examined for quality and cost-effectiveness; and
  • When those other private snow-clearing contracts expire, they not be renewed or re-tendered. Instead those contracts should be brought back in house.

As our voice at Queen’s Park, will you help keep our community safe and prosperous by making plowing public again?