Save Grey Gables


Tell your councillor: don't sell Grey Gables!

Staff of Grey County are pushing a complicated scheme to privatize long-term care here in Grey County. It involves closing the public Grey Gables long-term care home in Markdale and forcing seniors to move to privately run facility in Durham. 

We already pay our fair share of taxes in this community and we deserve better. We deserve high-quality public long-term care right here in our community.

The good news is we can still stop this scheme. Here are two things you can do to help:

  1. Attend the Grey County Council meeting on Thursday, June 29, at 9 am at 595 9th Ave East in Owen Sound
  2. Call your Grey County councillor and urge them to vote No to the scheme to sell-off Grey Gables. (Councillor numbers listed below)

Grey County Council is scheduled to vote on this scheme on Thursday, June 29. Show your support for Grey Gables and public long-term care by attending that meeting.

Even if you can't attend the meeting, you can still help by calling your councillor beforehand.

The Grey County councillors listed below are currently in favour of selling Grey Gables off and going to privately managed long-term care. But hundreds of people have already contacted them, urging them to do the right thing and vote to keep Grey Gables open. You should do the same. 

Find your councillor below, and call them before Thursday's meeting. Tell them to vote in favour of Grey Gables and in favour of publicly managed long-term care.

Georgian Bluffs
Mayor Alan Barfoot, 519-270-4938,
Deputy Mayor Dwight Burley 519-270-7693,

Mayor Barb Clumpus 519-379-2551,

Owen Sound
Mayor Ian Boddy, 519-373-4144,
Deputy Mayor Arlene Wright, 519-379-2610,

Mayor Bob Pringle, 519-375-1157,

Mayor Sue Paterson, 519-379-5441,
Deputy Mayor Selwyn Hicks, 519-379-3344,

West Grey
Mayor Kevin Eccles, 519-372-6229,
Deputy Mayor John Bell, 519-373-9844,

Public = Better

The primary goal of publicly managed long-term care homes is simple: provide the best possible care.

Staff use their knowledge and experience to ensure residents and their families get exactly what they need.

The primary goal of privalety managed long-term care homes is also simple: to generate the biggest possible profit.

Where would you rather stay? Where would you rather your father or your mother stay? 

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