Holding the Liberals accountable for blood privatization

blood_watch.jpgThe Trudeau government seems content to let private corporations draw profits from our blood system, but the group of citizens behind a group called Blood Watch aren't going to let them get away with it easily.

Earlier this year, Blood Watch filed a Freedom of Information request on the federal government's decision to allow a private corproation set up paid plasma donation clinics in places like Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. Thanks to that digging, we now know that the Federal Liberals blatantly ignored the warnings and safety concerns of the Canadian Blood Service.

Blood Watch helped ensure that paid plasma collection has been outlawed here in Ontario. But if it's allowed anywhere in Canada, Ontarians can still suffer. Blood donations will likely fall. And as the Krever Inquiry into Canada's "tainted blood scandal" found, private and unregulated blood and plasma collection can lead to profound safety breaches.