Belle River residents call for publicly run Service Ontario outlet

At a standing-room only public meeting, residents of Belle River, Ont., expressed concerns about the closure of the town's only Service Ontario outlet. When the privately-operated office closed, the town's residents had nowhere nearby to go and renew their driver's licence or obtain health cards.

“Citizens of Belle River deserve to have these services,” Jordan McGrail, a member of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, told the Windsor Star. “They pay taxes and are owed this. We are gathering residents today so they can start lobbying and so they don’t have to travel up to an hour to get the same services.

“They are putting out applications to run this privately again and we want to stop that from happening. There are 34,000 residents in Lakeshore who rely on this service and they shouldn’t have to go out-of-town to get this whenever it closes again.”

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