Majority of Canadians oppose airport privatization, poll shows

More than half of Canadians oppose the sell-off of airports to private companies, fearing that privatization would result in more expensive, less pleasant travel, a new poll shows.

The Angus Reid Institute survey, released Wednesday, reveals that only 21 per cent of people think airport privatization is a good thing, while 53 per cent of Canadians outright oppose the idea. The remaining 26 per cent of respondents said they didn’t know.

Concern is growing among municipal officials nationwide. The survey results come as Montreal and Toronto city councils put forward motions this week that, if approved, would voice official opposition to airport privatization. Back in December, Vancouver city council voted unanimously to endorse the Vancouver Airport Authority Board of Directors’ opposition to privatization.

The ownership structure of the country’s eight largest airports is currently under review by the federal Liberal government. Most airports in Canada are currently run by not-for-profit airport authorities.

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