Roundup: Private airports mean higher costs and some unexpected voices come out against privatization

Here's the latest news in the fight to keep our public services public...

Selling off airports, paying for it with ticket prices

“The costs after privatization will increase, so someone will have to pay for more expensive flight tickets.” – A Manulife analyst finds yet another reason why privatizing Canada’s airports is likely to come back to bite us: it’ll be more expensive for them to get loans. But hey, private enterprises always swallow the costs of doing business themselves, right? 

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PC = Privatization concerns?

“We need to learn from history, learn from past mistakes.” — Patrick Brown admitted the privatization of Ontario jails was a serious error at a rally in front of the Central North Correctional Centre this past weekend. Learn more about the harm that private jails have done at:

Canada’s Infrastructure Bank: getting it from both sides

“Private investors are solely interested in commercial success.” – University of Calgary professor Jack Mintz means that as a compliment, we think, but as so many of us have already realized, he perfectly sums up the problem with trusting private interests with something as precious as public infrastructure. And yet the federal Liberals are still forging ahead with plans for their privately funded Infrastructure Bank, despite the fact even dyed-in-the-wool conservatives like Mintz doubt it will work.

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