Roundup: The un-bear-able idea of paying for health care

Here's the latest news in the fight to keep our public services public...

Privatization is not what the doctor ordered

While Tommy the teddy bear makes his way around the province reminding us “We can’t ‘bear’ to lose Medicare,” the Toronto chapter of the Ontario Medical Association got caught floating a grizzly idea: “allowing” patients to pay out of pocket for health care. It turns out it’s not just an idea, either. A Globe and Mail investigation reveals significant, unlawful extra billing by doctors through private clinics, where patients increasingly pay out of pocket for access to everything from medical appointments to surgery. weownit-sickteddy

You can remind your MPP about the necessity of koala-ty health care here.

$35 billion isn’t chump change

A new Senate report concludes that the government hasn’t done enough to protect the proposed Canadian Infrastructure Bank from political interference. The bank, a $35-billion scheme to attract private investment to public infrastructure projects, is currently buried in the government’s massive omnibus budget bill. The senate is working to separate it out in its own separate motion — because $35-billion on an unprecedented project deserves a little more consideration than a line item.

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Walking the walk-out

Seven Grey county councillors took a stand for public services by walking out of a debate on privatizing long-term care beds near Owen Sound. “We're here to listen to the people,” Grey Highlands Mayor Paul McQueen said of the move. And nothing says listening to people like keeping services in their hands.

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