The We Own It Report

Introducing the We Own It Report

We all want to communities that are healthy, safe and prosperous.

Strong, affordable public services are key to success. Privatization, on the other hand, costs more and delivers less.

So as we head into the provincial election, it's vital that you know where each of your candidates stand on the issue of public services and privatization.

The We Own It Report is here to help. It's a simple, short candidate survey that will help you decide how to vote.

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Click here to find out who your candidates are, and which of them have already completed the survey.

2. For candidates who haven't yet filled out the survey, click the 'Send Survey' button, and send them an email reminder.

3. For candidates who have completed the survey, click the 'View Report' button to see where they stand on public services and privatization.